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Continuous Integration Recruiter (CIR)

Our recruiter is assigned to work with your team on your site supported by our local off-site team.

This is different than a standard RPO. Our hiring ambassador integrates with your team, on your site, to support your organization's growth when internal resources may be lacking. Our internal team player is guaranteed success by the support of our team here at our office, just up the street from you. For each recruiter we have onsite with you, we have a team searching, screening and delivering warm talent along with your active applicants, our active and passive candidates, and your internal referrals. This is an awesome distribution pipeline that reduces time to build your team with a commitment that can be based on when you hire, including a month-to-month flexibility.

Passive Candidates

Passive candidates make for the best option if you’re looking for lowering your risk of losing a candidate in hiring cycle. It takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to build passive candidate pipelines. We build these relationships and value the reduced time and added success from maintaining them.

We Provide a Wider Net

How are you throwing a wider net to attract more candidates? The problem you will find is two fold. You are essentially selling your Kool-aid and one flavor. Candidates may be looking for the multi-pack of flavors and never find you. We work with a variety of companies, thus we advertise many more flavors of Kool-aid. Once engaged in conversation we discuss you as an option. Many candidates know what they want, but not where that can be found. We consult with these candidates and open doors to your company that would have never been an option. We are that wider net and deliver a pool of solid talent that only we can attract.

Quality and Training

Our team of recruiters all have experience in the industry under many of the roles we recruit for. We hire engineers, ones who communicate well, and train them to recruit. Just knowing the technology stack that your company utilizes isn’t enough anymore. To stay relevant, we have workshops weekly bringing out industry professional who are engineers in the workplace, including someone from your team as an option. Our weekly workshops train on the latest technology, frameworks, and engage our team on how you are customizing that technology in your workspace.

How Much Will You Save?

Time is usually valued at some point by money. Quality is valued by experience and accurate communication. Your company growth is going to be funded by a recruiting budget or a consulting budget. Investing in staffing or contingent recruiting can have it’s benefits depending on your project, your hire cycle, the number of open job reqs, and your cash flow demands.

You’ve probably paid for a job to be posted on one of the popular job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, Dice, and LinkedIn to name a few. These posting are not free. As a matter of fact these cost quite a bit to not only use, place jobs, take time, then manage. Would you hire a contractor to come out only to find they are requiring you to supply the tools? You’re not in the hiring business, stop buying these tools. We on the other hand are in the hiring business and come to work with our tools. We would encourage you to let us use our tools to do your job.

Do you really want to spend 20% of the first year annual salary on those hard to find candidates? We agree that’s a lot of money and depending on the role, the abilities of your team to accurately assess this person, bringing on a contingent candidate seems antiquated. We will do it for far less!

For the price of one contingent candidate hired, you get our Continuous Integrated Recruiter (CIR) onsite for a whole month. This CIR will not only deliver your purple-squirrel unicorn but also deliver all the other job reqs on your plate, manage the process, and hand hold the on boarding through our guarantee, all while filling 5 times more roles.

You might be thinking “Where’s the motivation to close more positions?”. We charge a 2% incentive for each role we fill. Two percent ensures motivation to efficiently fill every job as soon as possible. Two percent also is only paid on the expiration of our guarantee which builds assurance that our Continuous Integrated Recruiter (CIR) has solid candidates secured for the long haul with your team.

Security and Our Guarantee

All of our offerings sounds great you might think. There’s one question lingering, “What does our guarantee look like?”. We offer flexible guarantees around your needs that start with a 90 day guarantee that you would normally find with a contingent placed candidate. We again are building solid, accurate, deep relationships with our candidates and communication is so good we have no problem backing up our service.

Contingent Solutions (CS)

You have recruiting covered but need someone to hunt that purple-squirrel-unicorn.

Our team of local off-site recruiters can append your recruiting needs, when you have run out of bandwidth or technical expertise.

We are Local

We think being in the same city and knowing the region, the companies, and the hiring practices are important. We meet personally with the candidates we present to you. Often multiple times, the interview, an industry meetup or two, and sometimes just happy hour to see how things are going.

We Sell More Flavors of Kool-aid

You are essentially selling your Koolaid and one flavor. Candidates may be looking for the multi-pack of flavors and never find you guys. We work with a variety of companies, thus we advertise many flavors of Koolaid. Once engaged in conversation we can discuss the options and have found most people have preconceived notions of what they like or what they think they want. We consult with these candidates and open doors to your company that would have never been chosen.

Personality, then Skill, To Match Your Culture

By working with multiple companies we are able to retain the interest of candidates longer, allowing us to get to know what works and what doesn't. Your culture is a two way street of you and the true culture of the candidate applying. You get a custom tailored description of every candidate we submit and why we think they're a great fit for your role; you also get a copy of their resume. We know first impressions aren't always accurate. We stay in business because we're accurate!

Passive Candidates

Yes, and we also have active candidate's and here's why. Contract candidates are active and come and go on projects weekly, monthly, and annually. We manage keeping these candidates working so their focus is on your project; and ours is their next role.

Passive candidates tend to be on the long term plan. We establish relationships sometimes months in advance of their next move. You will probably never meet this candidate unless we are presenting them. They tend to move through colleague networks.

Are you looking for a 365 day hiring guarantee? Ask us about our 2% model..

Staffing Solutions (SS)

You have a short term need for a larger team without the employment liabilities.

Many companies experience seasonal growth throughout the year and have a need to offset the risk of bringing on a regular employee. We build relationships with and employee solid team players to solve this hiring problem. You save in many ways avoiding managing the onboarding, the payrole, benefits, L&I, as well as the IRS employee/contractor rules for managing how you can engage and where. We solve these problems by delivering the right team player on-site to join your team, your culture, and immediately ramp up supporting your project's needs.

Great reason's to use staffing:

  • Your growth needs are short lived, under 8 months.
  • You have a specific technical need that's not part of your normal development.
  • You are looking to try out a team member before committing them to your team.
  • You have a contingent budget that will increase on succesful delivery of a project's milestone.
  • You are a start up with a short-term budget and limited cashflow.

Development Environments

We've been in these trenches and stay relevant with the following.

Mobile Development

  • IOS - (C, C++,Objective-C / Swift)
  • Android - (Java, Lua, C# Mono)
  • Windows - (C++, C#, XAML)
  • Adobe Air

Closed Source Development

  • .NET - (C#, ASP.Net)
  • Actionscript 2,3
  • Demandware
  • Databases ( SQL Server, Oracle)

Open Source Software/Web

  • Javascript - (modern)
  • Embedded (C, C++)
  • LAMP - (Perl, Php, Python)
  • Ruby
  • Java, Scala
  • Go, R
  • Databases (Postgress, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, memcache, NoSQL)


  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Mac OSX
  • Windows
  • Symmbian

Popular Frameworks

  • (Angular, Backbone, Ember, jQuery, Prototype)
  • Zend, Magento, Smarty
  • Django, Sinatra, Rails
  • Spring, Hibernate, Grails

Development Methods

  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • XP
  • Waterfall

Positions We're Great at Building For Your Team

Our recruiters have previous worked under a few of these roles.

Internet & eCommerce

  • Front-end Web Developers
  • UI/UX Designers/Developers
  • Mid-tier Web Developers
  • Backend Web Developers

Software Development

  • Product Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Software Design Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

Applications Development

  • Project Managers
  • Systems Analyst
  • Applications Architect
  • Business Analyst (BA)
  • CRM Developers
  • Lead Applications Dev
  • Mobile Applications Dev

Data/Database Administration

  • Database Manager
  • Database Developer
  • Database Admin
  • Business Intelligence Analyst (BI)


  • Network Administrator
  • Network Architect
  • Network Engineer
  • Wireless Network Engineer

Technical: Help Desk & Support

  • Manager
  • Desktop Support Analyst
  • Systems Admin
  • Systems Engineer
  • Help Desk Tier (1,2,3)

About Team Builder

Team Builder is a combined minority and woman owned (MBE) technical recruiting and staffing agency. Their team is made up from experienced professionals. Team Builder stands out from other agencies by building a team of recruiters who have engineering backgrounds and experience in the industry and training them to recruit. We feel accuracy in your hiring solutions is the best approach so that we can save you time, deliver quality people that match your culture, and offer this service for an affordable price. Team Builder prides itself on in-person relationships.

When you meet face-to-face with one of our team, you are assured we get to know your company, your culture, and understand your projects so we can be the brand ambassador that represents you to the IT community. Each candidate presented to you comes with the guarantee that they were hand picked, we met them in person and drilled into their experience, and that they will come to your table ready for the position you have open. No more resume filtering or passing the weight of finding talent to your team. Team Builder builds technical teams, and we look forward to working with you.

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